The defining characteristic of the parish is love. Love of God, love of Jesus, love of scripture, and love of worship, all of which is manifest in love for each other and reflected in a variety of expressions.

While we have a fairly traditional approach to worship over two regular Communion Services and Morning Prayer, many from an evangelical background feel comfortable, as do those with a leaning toward a more charismatic expression. It is not unusual to witness an entire congregation participate in the “laying on of hands” for someone who needs particular prayer. Regularly worship is extended to those who cannot attend the Church Center. Lay representatives and clergy “take” church to those who owing to frailty or advanced age are best served in the aged care facility in which they live. It is like a loving hug to incorporate them into a worshipping community. Denomination or worshipping tradition is not a barrier to inclusion at these or any other services.

church-and-memorial-gardenWhether setting foot in the Church for the first time or coming from another tradition it is our hope that you will feel loved and welcomed and encouraged to explore new relationships, most importantly with God. Several groups exist who are excited and motivated to look into God’s Word to explore what scripture actually says and means. Generally meeting in people’s homes some gatherings use guided discussions, from a huge variety of sources, some are more “free range”: one thing is common and that is love and laughter. It is quite amazing how scripture comes alive and is meaningful when explored with others.

The ministries that radiate outward from the Parish are tangible expressions of God’s love, whether it be helping parents of a local school enjoy a special evening by relieving them of the cooking, or being the focal point for packing a pile of boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Our Parish Prayer expresses so much of who we are:

Heavenly Father, help us to grow in love, faith and obedience as we discover meaning, purpose and direction for today and hope for tomorrow through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.